Our music


We sing music in a variety of styles and genres some of which includes Classical music, African music, Contemporary music, Popular Music, Gospel music and music written by South African composers. 


We also sing songs from musicals, operas, and films.  In the future, we will also be including music written by South African composers.


We do songs in unison, two and three parts. Children are tested for their appropriate voice part at the auditions and this is re-evaluated regularly. We use Soprano 1 and 2 and Alto. Occasionally, we will use extra voice parts.


We use piano accompaniment or backing tracks to accompany our singing. We also use various instrumentation to accompany our songs when necessary, for example, flute, strings, percussion.

Our second virtual recording

The Cape Town Children’s Choir was established in February 2020 at Beau Soleil Music Centre, Kenilworth, Cape Town.  After only six weeks of rehearsals, South Africa went into a strict lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.  The choristers bravely continued with online rehearsals for 6 months and were recently able to resume in-person rehearsals following strict covid protocol. The choir is proud to have produced this second virtual performance.  Choristers recorded individual videos in their homes using mobile phones or other devices.

MODIMO WA RE RATA is sung in three of South Africa’s eleven official languages – Sesotho, isiZulu, and isiXhosa.  The song was inspired by Maria Ngobeni who worked with the composer, Elizabeth Fourie, for many years.  Maria often said these words to Elizabeth, “Modimo wa re rata.  Modimo o re goputsi”.  Elizabeth was deeply moved by the words and wanted to remember them, so decided to do that by writing this song.


Modimo wa re rata (The Lord loves us)

O re goputsi (he remembers us)


Inkosi iyasithanda (The King loves us)

Isikhumbule (he remembers us)



Uthixo uyasithanda (God loves us)

Usikhumbule (he remembers us)


Composed by Elizabeth Fourie, adapted by Alna Smit

Backtrack arranged by Frank Mallows, recorded by ERGONOMIX Percussion Ensemble

Choir Director: Bronwen Leith

Co-trainer: Anne Meyer

Sound Engineer: Benjamin Ker (benker2000@gmail.com)

Video Production: Damon Gander (damongander@gmail.com)

Visuals: Fabian Pluddemann and Matthew Eaton, Damon Gander and Devon Lourens

CapeTownChildren'sChoir_Logo_FA-01 (4).p


Our vision is that the choir will be a place where children develop their singing skills in a positive and stimulating environment; where they will develop friendships with musically talented children from diverse communities and where they will develop a life-long love for singing. 


Our repertoire includes songs from a wide range of genres to cater for every taste (e.g. popular songs, songs from musical theatre, folk songs, gospel, classical and sacred songs, vernacular songs in South African and world languages). 


Our goal is to have a choir of excellence, where discipline and hard work is required, but where we also  have fun in the process.  We want every member to experience the joy of singing inspiring and musically satisfying songs together.


We would like the choir to become locally, nationally, and internationally known as a choir of excellence.  We have decided to call it the Cape Town Children’s Choir for the purpose of representing our city and country.  As the choir establishes itself, we will be participating in eisteddfods, regional, national, and international choir festivals and competitions.


The Cape Town Children’s Choir provides children with opportunities to grow in musical ability, develop vocal skills, participate in rehearsing and performing music to a high standard which is musically stimulating and satisfying, make new friends, have the honour of representing our city and country, interact and form friendships with members of choirs from other regions in South Africa and around the world, and have the possibility to go on tour to regional, national and international events.

Our first virtual recording

Our first virtual recording was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. All practices were held via zoom and each dedicated member of the choir recorded their own video. They then sent all the footage to us and the audio was mixed and the video was then created of all the children.


The song was "SING" by Pink Zebra